A long time ago in a galaxy not so far away...
After traveling many light (and dark) years, the Sliders From Mars have landed. Assuming the guise of the unsung heroes of the human race, they embark on a mission of total domination of the music world...
Essentially unsociable beings by nature, the Sliders don the earphones of the lonely, long suffering DJ, hoping to meld with the minds of humans across the planet.  Driven by the hunger for vinyl sustenance, the Sliders search for beats to nourish the alien soul, but the evil Chav Empire takes over and attempts to assimilate all, threatening the very existence of Sliders. Shutting themselves away in the back bedrooms of the galaxy, using their highly adapted 7th sense (the “tune”)  their quest to produce the ultimate musical force begins....
Having been trapped in the martian equivalent of a cupboard for the best part of 47 years, the Sliders From Mars have surreptitiously slid into sight. The methodical spinning of their musical spawn across planet Earth has taken everyone somewhat by surprise, their skills being out of this world, producing results which have already rocked the planet. Do not underestimate the power of the “tune”...
Greetings Earthlings...
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Planet Nottingham - Fri 12th Oct
Spectrum - Fri 2nd Nov

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Dickie’s top 5 
For no other reason than we think you’d like to know, these are some of the tunes currently getting heavy rotation...

Maps - We Can Create
The Residents - The New Hymn
The Chantells - Natty Supper
The Specials - The Boiler
The Evil Klown - Susie Abusie

The Successful Criminals - Control Freak
Chemical Brothers - Salmon Dance (Hervé Remix)
James Brown - Can’t Get Any Harder (C&C - Leaders Of The New School Remix)
Spiritual South & Sweetalker Sleepwalker - Hullabaloo
Cabaret Voltaire - Let’s Start
Ronnie’s top 5
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